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Good morning from foggy Vancouver. I hope you are having an amazing week so far! Guess what… About that KonMari thing when I asked if I should get the book and read it.  After I posted my last post my Mom emailed me and asked if I’ve heard about her! She has read the book and got so inspired by it and now she has been putting her house in order. 😀 She didn’t mention whether she read the first book or the latest one. Still waiting her to reply and I’m on my way to get mine.

I decided to give a little update from my tiny little office space. I have really enjoyed having the office set up back in its place. Our dog likes it too… you know, it’s exciting to hang out in new and different rooms! 😀 She keeps interrogating me until I let her go onto the guest bed. It’s funny really, because she can get to the bed (usually our bed) by herself when we are not home or around.. But when I’m in the room she’s expecting me to give her a lift.  She is so spoiled!!! And of course I’m not mentioning the fact that she’s completely lost if her favourite blanket is not on the bed. But after we get through all that 😀 she likes to hang out and take a nap behind my shoulder on the bed and once in a while keeps her eye on what I’m doing.

I have one little wish that I would like to change in this room now, but I can’t and won’t since the space is limited. And that is the chair! It’s perfect for the space because it’s transparent and it doesn’t make the space between the desk and the bed feel and look crowded. But that said it’s not too comfortable for long sitting sessions. Well the good thing is that it forces me to sit in a good posture. But after a good while I notice myself getting restless. I would definitely like more of a cozy and soft armchair instead.  All and all I’m super happy with this set up. It has made my life a bit easier 🙂



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Now that the spring approaches is anyone else feeling the urge to get everything super organized? I cleaned and organized our closets last weekend. Usually I end up throwing a lot of old and broken clothes away but this past year I’ve been keeping a close track of my clothing so I didn’t have too much to toss.

I feel like I’m a little “late” on this KonMari thing. And I haven’t read her book yet. I have heard about her but I haven’t paid too much attention to the whole thing since I thought or like to think that I’m pretty organized already 😀 Instead when I started cleaning our closets I watched a bunch of Youtube videos about her method of folding clothes. It turned out to be a puzzle kind of task which I love. (who doesn’t love puzzles or Tetris :D) and believe it or not but it was relaxing and fun at least to a neat freak like me!

Before I started my project I really didn’t believe that it would be that big of a change to fold and arrange clothes the way she suggests but it really was! I was surprised how much more room I got in my drawers now without throwing   a n y t h i n g  away.  Now I’m more curious about the whole thing and I’m wondering if I should get the book or not. Have you read the book? Is it good and worth getting? I’m afraid that I don’t have the patience to read it. I’m more of a “see first and do it right away” kind of learner.

Anyways… These pictures in this post have nothing to do with my closet. But I’ll say this – I’m trying to take it easy today, chill out and celebrate that it’s Friday! Whole wonderful weekend ahead <3

Happy Friday!



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Winter doesn’t seem to let go of its grip at all in our neighbourhood! We’ve got fresh snow on the ground two, wait, no – four mornings in a row!!! But I do have a confession to make – I’m so comfortable wearing my winter jacket that I’m afraid that I have a serious separation anxiety ahead of me when it’s time to put all my winter clothes away. You know when you actually have to think what to wear again and there’s no more hiding under big jackets and scarfs 😀 Feeling totally exposed, white as a flour sag :D. I don’t know what I’m going to do…  Well, on the other hand I do miss the easiness of taking our puppy out, just quickly kicking flip flops on and all ready to go.

But what I actually came here to say is Happy International Women’s Day y’all! I gave this day a good thought today and I was thinking what kind of women I’ve seen and been influenced by over the years. And what kind of woman I would like to be when “I grow up” 😀 and what I want to leave behind when I meet new people. Do you ever think about how the other person feels after they’ve just met you? And I’m not talking about “pleasing” people all the time but like, you know – even just little simple things – do you listen the other person, smile and be friendly or do you just want get it over with and move on? In my case I’ve noticed many times that I could have been more friendly at the grocery store or I should have said Hi when someone walked by and so on. It feels so lovely when other people are friendly and polite. And it’s amazing how some people have this gift to make you feel a better person by just spending few minutes talking. I think women are masters at getting the “vibe” in the room and we can easily notice or sense how the other person feels.

So I was thinking very hard and carefully that I’ve seen women that are hard working but also nurturing and caring. I’ve found myself in a middle of successful women that I’ve been scared of, big time 😀 But then when I spent enough time with them, it wasn’t that bad after all. BUT I noticed that the “scary” first impression was intentional. And then I’ve seen so many women that I believe keep pretty much everything together. I’ve seen women that are total control freaks 😀 and perfectionists. Women that are super funny and confident. Then I’ve seen women that are scared, completely lost, put down and hurt. I’ve seen working moms and stay at home moms and I think they both are running and ruling this world!!! I’ve seen women that are craving a constant attention and not knowing their true value. And I’ve seen women that are mean and judgmental. The list can go on forever. But I came to conclusion that we as women have tremendous power and we can influence and affect each other’s lives sooooo much. In a good and bad way. We should support one another and build each other up and don’t judge, be jealous or tear each other down. We should take care of ourselves and be happy just the way we are. We are all so different and that’s amazing. Don’t try to be a cheap copy of someone else but be the designer’s original. God made us all different purposely.

I believe women have power that no man can have or understand and it’s up to us to choose which way we wan’t to use it! It tells a lot about ourselves how we treat each other in different situations when we get a chance or even an upper hand.

#WomenHavePower Be a blessing to other women and all the people around you.



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It’s challenging to be present in the moment. Some days I’m thinking of getting a safe or any box with a lock on it, to put my phone there and hide the key to my husband’s car for the day so I can’t get to it 😀 (I really should do that!)

People don’t have to have access to you all the time. It’s ok to say no and set up boundaries. It’s ok to put yourself first. This got me thinking – Remember those “good old school days” when you actually had a weekend. Nobody had phones so you didn’t necessarily hear from anyone during the whole weekend. You actually got a couple days off and heard about your friends again on Monday. Now it’s like we are in everybody’s lives at all times.

Listen and look around, like really look around when you go about your day!

Stretch and breath more deeply. We are made to move around.

Plan your day so that you don’t have to rush and hurry. Be realistic with the daily tasks what can be done and what can’t. Don’t set yourself up for failure getting too many things on your plate.

Be thankful, there’s always something to be thankful for.

Smile and quick hello is such a little gesture but it can make someone’s day – even your own.

Be aware and careful what and who you hang around with and what you let to influence you. Pay a close attention to that. You become what you surround yourself with. Again, boundaries <3

Concentrate to the things where you are good at and don’t swim into failure and feel bad about yourself all day everyday. Nobody is perfect. Other people can hide their failures and insecurities better than others.

Last but not least sometimes the most boring “nothing’s happening” days are pure gold, don’t be afraid to be bored once and a while 😀

Have a lovely Thursday!


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